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Engaging, participatory, dynamic and leveraged projects and e-learning. Managed for you. Connect and unlock the 'Top Performance' in your organisation, group, community or team.


Our managed services include:

► Managed Projects

► Managed Transformation Series

► Managed Training Centre

► Managed Training Session

► Managed ‘In Your Pocket, At Your Seat Learning'

► Managed Multi-speaker Conferences or Workshops


Services are built for either ‘Business’ or ‘Community’. You will get a dedicated Programme Manager and you can build a bespoke package from:




► Initial ‘What’s Important, What’s Stopping You?’ Session (programme outline and storyboarding)

► Training Needs Analysis - We will work with you to identify and analysis the performance problems of you or your team or audience

► 10 Hour Transformation Strategies and Solution Planning - having identified the problems we will work with you to create a plan to address and fix them. We specialise in creating Self-directed and ‘First Person Learning’ solutions

► Market Research and Audience Analysis (Managed Multi-speaker Conferences)

► Content/Format research and production

► Subject Matter Expert research and management

► Programme Design (For Training blend E-learning, Guided Learning Subscriptions and Coaching)




► Quickstart Webspaces (including Opt-in, Sales, Order and Content Page set-up)

► E-commerce listing or website

► Print & Design Management of all promotional materials/merchandise

► CRM set up or integration plus full data management

► Managed Campaigns (Ads, Telesales, Lead Gen and Scripts)




► Co-created content or content purchase for clients

► Team-created video and multimedia content

► Project set-up, delivery and management

► Session set-up, delivery and management

► Webinar set-up, delivery and management

► Conference set-up, delivery and management

► App set-up and management (including Google; Moodle; Docebo; Wordpress; Udemy and Adobe)

► FAQs Pages and Help Desks

► Print & Design Management of all course materials (Training)

► 'Stress Free from Start to Finish' Venue, Accommodation and Travel Management (Managed Multi-speaker Conferences)

► Event Styling and Staging

► Certification (Participation or CPD)

► Content and Programme Review - what transformation has taken place?


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