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The following is a list of our Signature Projects, Training and Events.

This includes Managed E-Learning, Live Events, Guided Learning Subscriptions, Coaching and Mentorships.

Don't know where to start? Mark suggests "start with a Guided Learning Subscription or click here and let's connect, subscribe and talk. We'll help you get started".


Service Projects and Managed E-Learning


Packaged project management, E-Learning and managed services for organisations, teams and groups. 12 Module Series and Multi-speaker conferences or workshops.


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Guided Learning Subscriptions and Coaching


Tyrer Sorrel Guided Learning and Email Coaching (Up to 30 Days)

Easy to follow articles, questions, practical projects and education on your own terms. Delivered straight to your email inbox. Ditch the lectures, prepare for the real world.


Tyrer Sorrel Guided Learning Hot Topic and Action Packs

'LIVE GUIDE: Hot Topics' are linked to our 30 Day Guided Learning Series. It's one hot topic, one hour of actionable content, live.

'START: Action Packs' are also linked to our 30 Day Guided Learning Series. This time it's a PDF download and 7 days of actionable content.


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Other Content by Mark Bryce


Guided Learning Conversations

#EveryoneStartsAtZero (Entrepreneurs and Creatives)

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Guided Learning Conversation Series are delivered throughout the year on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.






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