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This is the Connected Site of Mark Jason Bryce.

Mark is a 7PM Project Leader, Copywriter, Business Owner and Coach. He is the '10 Hour Guided Learning Guy'. Mark has more than two and a half decades of project, training and event management experience. He believes that a great trainer or leader should be a "guide, facilitator and most importantly a good listener”.

He designs and delivers guided digital learning and participant created learning. Why? You learn more and reinforce your own learning when you share it with others. He also writes content and copy for his clients

Below Mark describes his history and timeline.




My Managed E-learning, Connected Projects, Guided Learning Subscriptions, Coaching and Mentorships began a long time ago. Even before I started trading as Tyrer Sorrel in 2001. Two decades in fact.

Here’s my history and timeline:


2013 - Present


I put all the pieces together: 25,000 Direct Training and Customer Interactions plus Small Things Everyday plus Tasks and Challenges plus Coaching and Mentorships plus High-Level Stakeholder Management. In March 2013, I introduced my first Guided Learning Subscription Series with MPAC, a registered charity in Liverpool. We began with a number of 30 day ‘Guided Learning by Email’ Series, funded by the John Moores Foundation, and have grown from there. These series still remain some of our most popular and most highly engaged. We had a 44.3% Open Rate and 9.6% Click Rate. To give you an idea of the success of these series the benchmarks for ‘Education’ are 22.44% Open and 2.94% Click. Our Click Rate (engagement) is more than 3X the average.



The 153 Mile Challenge

In September 2009, I introduced ‘Tasks and Challenges’ to more people. I launched ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’ as a pilot/live test programme. 'The 153 Mile Challenge' pilot programme had 9,242 participants and an estimated Media Reach of 256,509 people.

It was described, by one participant, as “one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had” and "a brilliant, simple and accessible idea" by Guy Christiansen, Creative Learning Director at Dukes Theatre, Lancaster. Guy and his team went on to win Sport England’s top award for ‘Sportivate Project of the Year’ in 2014 with our idea and formats. They also told us they generated £30,000 of sponsorship (including Gifts in Kind) in the first year alone thanks to our input.

In 2011, I also set out to better understand large groups of people and increase my 'Direct Training and Customer Interactions'. I wanted to work directly with more than 25,000 people. I set out to understand high volume sales; digital customers; digital platforms and digital marketing. How? Go where the customers are. Go to the contact centres and big businesses. I worked for a number of large organisations and got my Direct Training and Customer Interactions to over 25,000.



In September 2009, I also enhanced my blog to tie in with ‘The 153 Mile Challenge’. The blog grew to include many categories of posts, including posts on ‘Top Performance’ and ‘How to get a new job in 7 days’. Off the back of the blog, we introduced Career Coaching. After working with us one participant said "O.m.g bin off this wk and applied for 3 jobs. All offered an interview and 1 got my C.V. from Indeed and asked me to go for interview when I never applied. Thanks 4 ur help" [sic] (by text).

Note: In 2018 the blog changed it's name to 'tyrersorrel.com' but, from 2009 - 2018, it was called ‘fullbackandfriends.com’ as it grew from my first tiny gaming blog. SilentFullback is my gamertag on Xbox Live. In fact gaming has played a big part in the development of my Guided Learning Subscriptions. 'Control, 12 Minute Gaming' and my ‘Round the World’ Challenge led to my methodology of ‘Small Things Everyday’. I have played more than 25,000 competitive multiplayer games in First Person titles such as Halo Reach, Destiny and Titanfall. Why 'Control, 12 Minute Gaming'? The average game lasts 10 - 12 minutes. At one point I had captured over 15,000 Control Zones in Destiny 1. This put me at #10 in the world and I think #1 in the UK for the Titan Class. Simply put - if you do something small for just 10 to 12 minutes, repeatedly, you will get big results. Small Things Everyday.




In 2007, I began working on my Signature Portfolios with a number of entrepreneurs, associates and charities. From 2007 - 2009 I undertook two years of development planning for two ‘Social Enterprise and Event’ Programmes.




In November 2005, I began to introduce ‘Challenges’ to my training methodology. Testing first with myself. I set out to run-walk-bike-swim 18,500 miles (the equivalent of ‘Round the World’). I later changed it to 25,000 miles. At the time of writing I have covered more than 23,047 miles and hold a 24hr Personal Best of 60km (40.5 miles).




I started trading as Tyrer Sorrel in September 2001. During this first phase of the business I worked with many small businesses and community organisations. From 2001 - 2007 I also held responsibility for the Executive Board facilitation and communication programmes linked to a North West Centre for Education and Training. This work, part of which was called 'Foundations for the Future, was for SkillsActive (The Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning). Within 12 months, feedback from the Dfes placed the communication programmes for the NW Centre in the top two within the country. This was alongside a centre established nine years earlier. They said I achieved in “three months what it had taken other centres nine months to achieve”. I was asked to fast-track their Yorkshire and Humber Centre.

The Skillsactive communication programmes were enhanced further in 2003 by a test campaign/research, undertaken by Tyrer Sorrel, for the NW Regional Assembly. The NW Regional Assembly campaign reached 5,000 people, resulted in a 9% response to campaign (target 3%), and the methods recommended continued with the ITV Granada TV Show ‘Green Guide’. During this campaign I developed my methodology of ‘Go Local, Unlock & Jump’. This is the foundation of Guided Learning Subscriptions - engagement and building on shared interests.

Another vivid memory from this time was The Older People’s Forum. I turned old people with no marketing skills into passionate marketers. Within weeks there were flyers, press articles and promotions everywhere. This is also what Guided Learning is all about - changing behaviours.




Having said all of the above, Guided Learning really began in January 1995 when I expanded my leadership role (three years of) and became a Trainer and NVQ Assessor/Internal Verifier for Warrington Borough Council. It began with developing qualification programmes; introducing a first ever customer care policy; lecturing; managing major town centre festivals and national conferences. It began with Iris Ryan. Iris was terrified of learning but overcame that and went onto be a great leader herself. To this day I remember sitting in her kitchen helping her overcome her fears. This is where it really all began.




For more information on Mark Bryce (Tyrer Sorrel/SilentFullback) visit markjasonbryce.com.

Alternatively visit Mark Bryce on tsshared.com for his consultant, coaching and mentoring profile.



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